Our Mission:

Red Apple Butchers is a nose to tail butcher shop that sources pasture-raised animals from local farmers in and around Berkshire County.  We intend to provide customers access to the highest quality meats at their peak freshness as well as offer knowledgeable service and skilled custom cutting.



we are a small band of rebels dedicated to the art of cutting and processing locally sourced, responsibly raised meats. while we have all taken different paths to get here, there is a common core of respect for where our food comes from and how it is handled. we cultivate personal relationships with our farmers and community members so that we can best facilitate a healthy connection between supply and demand.


we purchase whole animals directly from farmers, which puts more money directly in their pockets instead of paying a distributer. this allows us to have total control over what happens from start to finish. this is nothing new, it is a return to how things used to be before supermarkets replaced butcher shops. supermarkets trained us to be able to get a few standard cuts whenever we wanted and in any quantity. this is not a reasonable expectation and has lead to many issues within our food system. when working with whole animals, the challenge and the joy comes in educating people about lesser known cuts and finding new creative ways to use every part of the animal. it's a matter of respect.


berkshire organics market is open seven days a week 9am to 7pm. we have a self serve case and freezer available anytime, stocked with all the basics; ground beef, sausage, chicken, steaks, chops, broths and more. monday is our production day, we are in the shop throughout the day and available by request. tuesday through saturday we are fully stocked with fresh cuts and available for custom cutting. we offer hot food selections on friday and saturday from 3-7. we are available via email for questions, special orders or catering inquiries. 


we are located within the Berkshire organics market which occupies the building formerly known as burgner's farm. the burgners operated a farm and store and were known for their turkeys and produce. this site has been an important crossroads to many surrounding towns for generations. 


our approach to providing quality product and service is constantly evolving. education is at the core of what we do, we are here to teach while on the journey of the eternal student. working with whole animals goes beyond the act of cutting meat, it requires a creative multidisciplinary approach of constant experimentation. our goal is to share what we learn and learn what you would like to know.